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I've sprung a leak!
vampire + garlic = <3
Woke up with a start at 2am...was disoriented from being rudely ripped from deep sleep - probably slow-wave - anyway, after a few seconds of wondering what had cause me to wake exclaiming "WHAT!" - when I felt a huge cold wet spot in my bed. I was appauled and feared that I had somehow wet the bed - but upon further investigation, it smelled slightly chemical and my outer cover was wet while my inner cover was not. but there was this sizeable wet spot and my clock was covered in water droplets and my glasses were as well. In my stupor I went out to the bathroom to make sure that I wasn't leaking water or having some sort of medical emergency (not that that made any sense, but I couldn't for the life of me think where the hell the water had come from). On my way back to the room, I got lightheaded and had to lie on the floor for a while. The hypochondriac in me was going a bit mad.

Upon turning on the light, I could see a large piece of wallpaper/paint was sagging from water-log, and my wall hanging, luckily waterproof, was dripping water all over the place. Several other places on my ceiling and wall appeared to be drenched. Ewww!

After much hauling and rearranging, it was back to bed on my mattress on the floor. The vertigo and all that was simply a product of being startled awake, I suppose.

So - I'm bone tired...contractor, landlord, & roofer are in & out of my house while I'm at work...fun.

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At least it wasn't dead person soup.

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