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I've been working on starting the gargantuan task of creating a grad school application portfolio - I say "working on starting" because I've been kind of stuck in the mud the last two weeks trying to make actual headway in creating my first drupal theme.

ETA: That was the beginning of what was going to be a for realz entry about trials & tribulations of graphic design blah blah blah - but I never found the steam to actually write more than the first sentence. Luckily it is also appropriate for the strange observation I had last night while working on said drupal theme: blue is the most popular color on the internet. As certain shades of blue are my favorite colors evar and most of my other favorite colors don't work well for web design (my obsession with mint chocolate chip green has not helped me in any venue except picking which electric guitar I would buy if I actually played electric guitar & had money to spend on one, for instance). So the majority of my layouts involve blue. Now, part of my efforts in making multiple sites will be not to make any more of them use blue as a major color in the scheme since theconnotations.org and now spacecrafty.org will both be using blues - not the same hues, at least I can manage some variety! Point being, I tried my darndest yesterday to come up with a color scheme for spacecrafty that was not!blue (as the kids say)...and just frakking failed. So I went to the internets to tell me what colors schemes other people used, trying to get inspiration, and there was a fuck-ton of greyscale, greyscale, and BLUE. Not even awesome & various shades of blue - mostly the blue that is used on gmail, livejournal, youtube, google, drupal, etc etc etc. It's EVERYWHERE. It became apparent to me why I was having trouble - it's the same dilemma that must happen a lot everywhere in graphic design. There are a much larger number of hideous shades of all other colors. I mean, I wracked my brains coming up with color schemes for the college I work for, and I know that a lot of people still find them hideous (those people are DUMB, p.s.) or too bright or not conveying the spirit of the research department which is the one I find the most hilarious...but you get the idea. For my wedding planning project &/or simple-complex - which I am thinking of renaming complex simplicity or simple complexity, by the by - & I feel like there might have been one other web project - I am going to do my darndest *not* to use blue. At least, for anything besides link colors. For now, I am going to stop fretting over the possibility that admissions people are going to reject my application because of my over-use of sky blue. <--I'm neurotic, I'm sure you're already aware!


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