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My TVC-15
Can't talk - an iPhone has attached itself to me and I can't escape its magical lure. Hopefully it will lose its power over me and my free moments long enough to allow me to procrastinate via lj in the near future...

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Everyone has said meaningful, astute things already, so I'm going to be brief:


1. I'm in love with Neil Patrick Harris. I'm holding a fag-hag torch for him.
2. My pipe-dream theory that the second week back in my routine would magically find me motivated to do work...was, unshockingly, a pipe-dream
3. The Connotations performance last night was super-awesome!
4. I'm sure there's more I could list, but my brain can only count to 4 right now...get it? think about it.

ETA: 5. 30Rock rocks. Alec Baldwin is f-ing hilarious. Even if he does associate with crack-pot men's rights advocates.

Okay. So I CAN count higher than four. But I love counting to 4!

Grr Argh Dell
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Before you start, do not tell me all the different ways in which ordering a Dell is a bad idea. I have gone through several alternatives b/c I thought Dell was doing a crappy job and found that there were even more problems, for me at least, with these alternatives (I bought a Mac - it died. And was ridiculously expensive to even think about repairing and it was their own battery flaw that killed it and then they wouldn't pay for repairs anyway. Had a system custom built locally to my specs, and the sound card was incompatible with every piece of software I installed until it just stopped working except out of one channel and now it only shows the cyan channel on the graphics card which makes it useless to me...etc. OMG I haven't even gotten started...)

This time I decided to go back to Dell despite all the issues I had last time I bought one because of aforementioned problems AND since I work for a University I get the most hefty discount from Dell of any branded computer. And it is still biting me in the ass.

But I should say a few things in their defense...Collapse )

Courting Conflict?
I am starting to get very freaked out about the Presidential Election. Sure, I may have already lost my faith in humanity at large AND the conservative half of the country - but I sincerely believe that this election will be won or lost based on the liberals who don't vote simply because they don't think it will matter (especially the youth who are doing so much lip service and t-shirt wearing) or because they don't think that Obama is "their candidate" - because he's not liberal enough.

I do understand why people don't want to vote for some one who they don't whole-heartedly agree with - I don't agree with Obama 100 percent on most of the issues - but I don't understand how they can see what's at stake and still choose to hold fast to their ideals. You're putting your ideals before the country at large - and don't you claim to be an instrument of The Greater Good and Social Justice and all that is (secularly) Holy?

REALITY CHECK: The system is flawed. Abstaining will not fix it. Voting Green on a national level will not fix it. You are acting voting like this is the best of all possible worlds and both sides play the game the same way - they do play the same game, which is not an admirable game for sure, but in the Real World, bad is bound to win because of entropy and the fact that good (better) isn't willing to play (as) dirty. I applaud a candidate or a voter being the bigger person, but here the Dems are, not throwing as low punches as the Republicans are willing to throw, AND the liberal voters are over here thinking "Well, he's liberal, but he's not liberal enough" - do you think there are as many conservatives that are abstaining from the vote b/c McCain isn't conservative enough?

They are unified in their hate and fear, and we are divided in our good intentions and personal yearnings and interpretations of Pure Being - blah blah blah - and we can't see the voting process for the highly-flawed thing that it is without getting cynical or complacent.

The Bottom Line is, we can't get exactly what we (the uber-liberals & semi-socialists) want and never will be able to do that in a nation where there are two seemingly evenly-divided factions & with most people somewhere in the middle, but that doesn't mean we should pout or refuse to play the game or blindly deny that the rules are written to make the game unfair. We won't get anything but losses of civil liberties and more war!!


Lists, Lists, and...more Lists!
My bento collection as it stands: behind a cut for those who don't care!Collapse )

Bento, Backpacks, Back to Budgeting!!
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Whee! Retail Opiates! Very dangerous drugs...

I have now received all of my bento purchases except for those from jbox. It's exceptionally annoying that they not only don't tell you when they shipped your package, but also there's no tracking or delivery estimate that's better than "2-4 weeks from ship date" - um, what ship date is that?

Now I have an awesome supply of boxes and divider cups and whatnot. I just need a kick-ass lunchbox to carry the boxes in, so I can keep them together in my giant-ass backpack that is waiting for me when I get home this afternoon :D I went with the High Sierra Mammoth. I'll let you know if it fulfills my (rather large) expectations!

I'm going to post a rundown of my bento collection, but I should do some work first...

Bento Bandwagon
So, as was all but inevitable given my Cute Addiction, I am presently investigating all the bento box sites and supplies on the intarwebs. I will grace you all with my exploits and adventures! But first, I have to actually compile the links and figure out what reviews to give them. Huzzah!

Here are some super-awesome links!

BentoTV { bentotv.com } - although i'm not that interested in watching most of the episodes, even the titles gave me some good ideas for lunch items. also, there's an ebay store with a lot of nice items. i did purchase something from here I then saw for much cheaper per-item from the manufacturer, but i would have had to buy 12 instead of two, so...

Ichiban Kan { ichibankanusa.com } - very inexpensive compared to anywhere else i've seen. not that impressed with their actual boxes, but great prices on molds and other accesories. Ships from the US.

J-box (J-list) {
jbox.com } - overpriced, but pricelessly cute stuff! Ships from Japan, so be prepared for larger shipping costs. J-box is the "PG" version of J-list, which offers more "adult" japanese products as well. If you click on "all products", even from the jbox identity, you may get more than you were prepared for! ;)

ebay, of course! {
ebay.com } - search for "bento box" or  "children's dining"!

Reusable Bags {
reusablebags.com } - they have some great bento-type gear, such as the laptop lunch kits, the sandwich wrappers, and the To-Go Ware Stainless Steel Food Carrier. Also check out the sigg containers, the recycled insulation insulated lunchboxes, & the rest of their swanky reusable bags cause i really like them :D Ships from the US.

I love OBento! {
http://shop.iloveobento.com } - a great collection of boxes, bags, bottles, books - all a bit pricey, but if you're looking for something you can't find at the other places, like a lot of french bento stuff, go here! Also, ships from the US.

Lunchsense { http://lunchsense.com } - a really good, no-nonsense bento-like idea. I like the nonsense and cuteness of the kiddie bento stuff, though!

Essentials { http://www.shopessentials.net } - actually local to Northampton, this store has some very cute bento stuff - nothing that suited my tastes, but then again, i'm really picky.

Lunch in a Box { http://lunchinabox.net } - a lovely bento blog, with this page of links to online bento sellers, a bento store locator, all sorts of tips to getting started or livening up your bento lunches...

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i have so many things that are post-worthy
why don't i post more about all the things I'm up to, crafty-creative-wise? i guess i'm too busy doing them and then i don't have any steam left to recap for everyone else, or posterity or whatever. BUT, here's yet another list of things I would be writing about it I found the time and will. I have the best of intentions of writing all of these entries sometime soon. I have a domain name I purchased several months ago into which I plan on incorporating this here blog. which segues nicely into the list:

  • teach myself the ins and outs of running and customizing the drupal cms
  • create sundart's herbal creations (like tea and soaps and such, jack-asses) website using said cms
  • create some of my own herbal creations
  • create a cms home for my blog and creations of all sorts, including buttons, t-shirts of my designs, web services, etc.
  • use my freaking sewing machine, that sits there all plugged in and ready to make Copper a new Fuzzy Blue Triangle toy
  • use my new awesome CMYK printer to make the zine i've talked about making since high school...and started at least 4 times...
  • use my xyron magic tool to make magnets, bumper stickers, etc.
  • make a site chronicling my west coast tour for my family & friends (meaning it will be censored a bit, but you guys will have the inside scoop on protected content) - like an online scrap-book. actual physical scrap-books are so last-century.
  • I'm in an a cappella group! and I designed our website!
  • made some awesome cakes with sundart and we took pictures!
  • have been teaching myself Adobe Illustrator!
  • am getting even more awesome at css!
  • am getting super-buff!
  • am doing lots of creative web- and computer-based learning activities instead of doing the pile of work i have! (i'm getting everything done, it's just a "i need to eat my veggies BEFORE I have dessert" sort of issue)
  • have made and continue to make lots of bulleted lists!

Wicked Awesome Links II
Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle - Just go there.

Skreened - Custom T-shirt Printing that exclusively uses American Apparel shirts

Remember the Milk (beta) - this site brings me too much joy

Blik - If I actually had any wall space left over...


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