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Constant Categorization & Catalogging quest
I am trying really hard to keep my digital life in strict order, & it's kind of overwhelming. I am always seeking the most intuitive and efficiently-labeled file system, the most fail-safe backup system(s), the most effortless synchronizations between all my gadgets, the happiest, most medium of happy mediums between taking low-quality pictures on my 2mp iPhone and breaking my back carrying my supremely awesome Nikon D40 around just in case something photogenic should happen - and then, also important, is not being too impulsive and spending money on another gadget, software package, or online membership that will make my life & digital crusades that much easier...

Let's just say I haven't done very well with the impulse thing this month...and I'm kind of underwhelmed with the returns so far. I'll post my ultimate reviews of my new technologies in the next couple of weeks...

-- Posted from Mercury (my iPhone)

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thanks to the sony xa300 my ipooky is now CLEARLY patched to my car speakers. No more stupid adapter tapes and fm receivers. WOO! I'm now looking forward to the next long car trip.

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